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For the restricted access photos, please send me an e-mail to get the password! You can also send me e-mails if you want some photos at the best resolution, or some films that aren't there any more (lack of space on the server)...

Walking in Scotland
Walking in the Pentland Hills, 14/09/03
Ascension of Ben Ledi (879m), 20/09/03
Ascension of Ben Vrackie (841m), 28/09/03
Ascension of Ben Lomond (974m), 04/10/03
Week-end near Killin, 11 and 12/10/03
Small walk in the Pentland Hills, 02/11/03
Week-end on the West coast, 08-10/11/03
Lomond Hills - West Lomond (522m), 23/11/03
Walk in the Pentland Hills, 30/12/03
Near Dollar Law, 11/01/04
Ascension of Ben Ledi (879m), 01/02/04

Walking and Skiing in France
Page Montagne de Nicolas Gamby: sorties avec Nico en 2003 (oups, moi j'ai jamais trié mes photos :-)
Ballade: les Bannettes, Chartreuse, 26/10/03
Ballade: foret quelquepart entre Sechilliene et le col du Luitel, 20/12/03
Ski de rando: 1ère sortie de la saison, poudreuse vers le Charmant Som, 23/12/03
Ballade: Bellevue en famille, 23/12/03
Ski de rando: le Grand Rocher, 25/12/03
Ski de rando: le Petit Som, 26/12/03
Ski de rando: la crete Brouffier, 27/12/03

Around Edinburgh
Walking near the Observatory in Edinburgh, 15/09/03
Cycling near Portobello, 18/10/03
Snow in the Pentland Hills! 24/10/03
Visit of the Botanic Garden, 31/12/03
Around Arthur's Seat, 01/01/04
Edinburgh's Castle and Ghost Tour, 02/01/04
North Berwick and St Abb's Head, 03/01/04
Week-end with Caro and Charlie, 24-25/01/04

Dinners, Parties, ...
My "goodbye party" in Eybens, 23/08/03
Goodbye Anke! 29/09/03
Leila's dinner, 04/10/03
My flat warming dinner, 10/10/03
Italian dinner, 18/10/03
Halloween Party, 31/10/03
Christmas with my family, 23/12/03
Torchlight procession, Edinburgh Hogmanay, 29/12/03
Night Afore International, Edinburgh Hogmanay, 30/12/03
Royal Bank Street Party, Edinburgh Hogmanay, 31/12/03
Runga Rung, Edinburgh Hogmanay, 01/01/04
Ben's dinner, 17/01/04

Pictures of my new horn, October 2003
MAGYC brass quintett at the Millesime, 26/10/03
Concert de Noel de l'Harmonie d'Eybens, 18/12/03

Travel, Expeditions
Nice-Briancon a ski, Mars 2003
Photos of Chicago, Septembre 2003

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